Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Advocates Urge Prison Officials to Reconsider Death Row Isolation

From The Texas Tribune ;

Unlike other inmates in Texas' sprawling prison system, inmates who receive the ultimate punishment are automatically sent to solitary confinement. On Texas' death row, they spend 23 hours a day in their tiny cells. They can't work, watch television, have physical contact with family members who visit, or access educational or rehabilitative programs. 

See entire story here ! 

What are your thoughts ?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Backgate debating a 100% move over to social media....

The Backgate Website is considering a move that would take everything to social media, Facebook in particular. The current lack of employee reporters and volunteers has slowed progress of the site over the past few months. The move would enable the site to remain up and interactive, and require less daily direct programming. The stand alone message board would remain open and operational, but this format, along with the dot com address would no longer exist. Viewers would have to access Facebook to read and interact. What are your thoughts?