Saturday, March 5, 2011

TDCJ chaplains fighting for devine intervention to save their jobs: Senator John Whitmire weighs in.

From the Backgate:

Senator John Whitmire states in a release to the Backgate and other media outlets that " It will all come down to money." Whitmire also stated to the Backgate that he would rather put boots on the ground in security then keep chaplains if made to ultimately choose. But hates to consider cutting the spiritual leaders.
 From the Houston Chronicle:

Members of the state's religious community are fighting to save a $4.8 million program that sends chaplains into Texas prisons, saying volunteers and prison guards can't handle the job.
"Chaplaincy is the heart and soul of the prison system," said Rabbi Dovid Goldstein, who oversees services and other programs for Jewish prisoners. "A body without a soul is a piece of dead meat."
Goldstein testified before the Senate Finance Committee last week, part of the outcry after the proposed budget in the House of Representatives killed the program to help address a shortfall of at least $15 billion. The Senate version would cut but not abolish the program.


  1. If they had souls a lot of them would not be there.There is always the exception to the rule,but come on guys doesn't it seem like as soon as some of them hit prison, they find religion,God,Allah,etc.I not saying a man/women can't find God in prison,it just seems convenient.I also think if it comes down to chaplain's or security,chaplain's are not trained like we are and security needs outweigh religion.Plain and simple.

  2. I think the only person who doesnt have a soul is someone who makes such comments. Without a soul there is no life.

  3. Maybe 5% go to the chapel to learn about god, the other 95% go there to have gang meetings, get some air condition, or to traffic and trade contraband.. just the reality of the situation i'm afraid.