Friday, June 17, 2011

TDCJ Windham schools facing cutbacks today

By Michael Williams, Backgate Website

News spread like wildfire yesterday that as of 10 AM this morning, 75 or more Windham TDCJ school teachers would receive reduction if force (RIF) letters basically laying them off. This action comes after the Legislative session ended with lawmakers still unable to fill critical gaps in the budget. Windham, which is technically the largest school district in Texas, has stated that principals may also become involved in the reductions at some point as well. "The next few months will be critical for the district" said one Windham administrator. Lets hope it doesn't reach too far. 


  1. It was ugly and it was sad. Principals were informed about their jobs and rifs on Wednesday.

  2. As I am sitting here reading this sad news, I am wondering how many people were duped by the GOPigs in Austin? I doubt that WISD workers realized they would be voting themselves out of a job. But, this is one reason I don't vote for GOPigs, particularly the Tea Bagger types. They lie!

    Pretty Boy Perry, who is attempting to follow in the steps of George W. Christ, has his sights set on the oval office. This means that he will be pulling out all stops, including the whoring of the Gospel in order to secure the Evangelical vote.

    It takes a leader to tell a largely egocentric populace that taxes need to be raised in order to maintain standards. But, I know some people are content with substandard conditions, particularly if they don't have to pay more taxes.

    So, perhaps, Christ will be the running mate of Pretty Boy Perry. That would be a first. I am quite certain that miracles could be performed. He could take Christ to the U.S. mint & do the little trick he did with the loaves and fish.

    Comments made by DeathBreath

  3. What did we expect, after the last election results were in? We knew that the cuts would not be made at the top. No one was tricked. Rick Perry and his followers told us what he was going to do, if he was re-elected. We got a taste of what he could do when he got re-elected the last time. The fools that are complaining the loudest, either failed to vote or voted straight Republican tickets. As far as the Windham deal goes; Windham ISD should have been eliminated decades ago. The cronies at the top of Windham, who don't teach, are still there. None of them got a riff. Some of their salaries increased by twenty-five percent right before the freeze.

  4. Windham supporterJune 28, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    Windham School is an excellent program that gives the offenders an opportunity to learn skills so they can do something other can commit crime when they are released. If you're going to eliminate Windham, you better have something else lined up for the offenders each day because idle time will lead to restlessness and more disciplinary issues.

  5. Windham school wastes by expending resources that can be used elsewhere. Idleness can be cured by putting offenders to work. Putting offenders to work teaches them skills that they can use outside the prison. Why not pay them 15 to forty cents for each hour that they work?

  6. The reality of the situation is that over 200 WSD teachers were RIFed...Secondly, without those of us willing to go behind the gates, barbed wire, and locked doors...these offenders would come out of prison full of hatred for society(as many of them feel it is society that put them there); illiterate, lacking social skills, without trades that can assist them in find a job, and in general a bigger problem than when they went in. Finally, this state would have to build more prisons to house these recidivist; it would in the long run cost more to incarcerate them than to train them to be productive citizens. The question that begs to be answered.."Do you want the resulting offenders that have had 24 hours/7days a week/365 days a year to hon their manipulation living next to you??? Well do bleeding heart liberals really need to ponder this before you start the cut this program out talk....

  7. James: Your post assumes that the Windham programs were having a great deal of success. I respectfully disagree. You seem to be pre-occupied with parole and rehabilitation. Worthy objectives, if the offenders want to change. I look at the person's history as a means of predicting their behavior in the future. Theorists have been researching and writing about this a lot during the last eighty or so years. Do you have any knew ideas that do not involve the early release of offenders that have failed to prove themselves?