Thursday, September 15, 2011

TDCJ mediation system still broken

A Commentary by Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website 

Just heard a confirmed story on a Region III employee who has been successfully mediated back for the second time. The last charge with being introduction of contraband. What is the agency thinking ? And yet the agency is portrayed as a professional workplace ? Does anyone see a pattern of running off the good help while preserving the employment of utter trash ? TDCJ states they want people to blow the whistle on illegal acts by it's employees. But what do you stand to gain by doing so when at the same time the agency fails to take out the trash? The person reporting those acts is shunned, punished and eventually retaliated against until they quit or are fired for next to nothing. Whats up Huntsville ? Practice what you preach. Thousands of people view this site everyday. Eventually someone out there is going to see how mismanaged the agency really is and make a difference.... so we hope.


  1. If you are an employee and witness wrongdoing by all means report it. You may suffer some whispers behind your back but at some point integrity and morals have to inch there way back into the agency. It has to start somewhere and maybe others will follow your lead. I would hope someday that the keepers can elevate themselves morally above what is expected from an inmate.

  2. The sad part you can't say anything to the Sgt's and Lt's because some are corrupt them self. Sometimes you have to go above there head. I know a supervisor who will make you look bad for turning someone in.
    It's not snitching if you see someone being dirty or sleeping and report it. Snitching is telling on the petty stuff like taking long breaks. Sleeping can get someone hurt. Just because where you work not many incidents happen doesn't mean it won't. Think of the what if's and stay alert. It may save you life and someone else's. Of and father more the person who you retaliate against for reporting dirty activity or officers sleeping may very well be the one who you will depend on to save you life in a bad situation. Do you job do it well and everyone get along with one another.

  3. I'm one of those officers who got shunned and treated like trash for doing my job. I'm trying to go back out to work for TDCJ again but I'm repeatedly denied. I have disiplinary actions pending against me and I don't know what they are. The only thing I know is that a certain captain is screwing with my file and making false accusations against me. If anybody knows what kind of actions I can take please let me know.

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