Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alert Connally unit Officer stops contraband introduction during visitation


 KUDOS.....keep your eyes open out there!

Carmen Rios (30) from San Antonio was apprehended Saturday, Sept. 17, when she attempted to pass drugs to a TDCJ offender on the Connally Unit state prison near Kenedy.

Rios and her sister’s three small children entered the unit to visit her brother who is incarcerated there.

When in the visitation area Rios purchased three sandwiches from the vending machine.

Rios opened the packages and placed balloons holding marijuana inside of those sandwiches. She then gave them to a correctional officer to pass to her brother, a medium security offender, inside of the non-contact visitation area.

The alert correctional officer noticed that the package had been opened and determined that contraband had been placed inside.

A total of seven ounces of marijuana was found inside of fourteen balloons. An officer with the Office of Inspector General-TDCJ arrived and arrested Rios. She was then transported to Karnes County Jail and booked on charges of possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility. If convicted Rios could face two to ten years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine Rios charged with attempted drug smuggling.


  1. Good job stopping that introduction. We need more stories like these....

  2. Trash- How can you do something like that with your little kids there? Maybe she figured she'd be more likely to be successful if the kids were around her, and less likely to be jailed. Trash-