Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Region IV staffing/overtime expenditure numbers exposed

The Official Numbers for Region IV


  1. It's tough trying to work on a facility with this type of crisis. We have no foundation. Every time you think you're gaining ground; someone quits, then another, then another to include supervisors. You can't expect anything positive to come from this. People have a hard time rebuilding over and over again. The builders and existing pieces lose hope and eventually cut their losses.

    Why can’t Lt’s and above work overtime in non-contact positions or as an officer on a unit near by? This would give them an opportunity to make more money to combat the rise in the cost of living. Region IV to Huntsville - mayday mayday. Can anyone hear us?

  2. Seashores said that the O/T was only done just before Christmas. Everyone just wanted a little extra money. They were 50 more officers short in December than Oct/Nov, but worked $271K less in dollars????? Come on now/??????!!!!!!