Friday, October 19, 2012

Houston cop killer gets last minute reprieve


From The Houston Chronicle

 HUNTSVILLE - From his holding cell outside Texas' death chamber, Houston killer Anthony Haynes on Thursday praised God for sparing his life after the U.S. Supreme Court stopped his execution and agreed to consider reviewing his case.

"God told me I wouldn't die on death row," an ecstatic Haynes told a prison employee. "He put things in my path to keep me focused. God proved himself to be faithful. He delivered me from the death chamber. To God be all the glory."

Haynes, 33, had been sentenced to die for the May 1998 murder of off-duty Houston police Sgt. Kent Kincaid. The officer was gunned down as his wife watched after the policeman confronted Haynes in the wake of a traffic incident that police said was part of a strategy to rob motorists.

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  1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten

    The offender said that God told him he wouldn't die. I wonder if that's the same God who told him to kill a police officer?