Sunday, December 16, 2012

Texas Prison Homicides at 10-yr high

American-Statesman Staff 

As statistics go, the news inside Texas prisons seems good: Violence is down, fewer weapons have been found, sexual assaults have dropped. Even the use of pepper spray is down from last year, and that usually means more calm inside the slammer.
But one number is way up: Eleven convicts have been killed this year inside prisons, the most since 1997, when 10 prisoners were killed. Last year, just three such homicides were reported.
Prison officials say the near quadrupling of the murder total appears to be an anomaly without a single cause — a deadly uptick that neighboring states say they haven’t seen, though they have seen increased violence overall, which Texas has not.

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  1. The reason it has gone down is because everyone is to scared to do their jobs with the new use of force plan and the agency's do not touch a inmate under any circumstances policy. Too many people are to scared to do the job these days and really don't care. Its 8 and the gate for the new generation of staff.

    1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

      8 and the gate - are you kidding? Try 4 and the door.

  2. You can't touch them r their property they want you to do the job strictly by policy or if you don't they will burn other officers talk behind your back cause you r going by policy oh an hour rank chews you out & puts I on a gate or somewhere else an puts a homeboy there where I were to get the job done fast NOT BY POLICY POOR OLD HOMEBOY IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG IT WILL B HOMBURG NOT THE RANK ....