Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Texas 83rd Legislative session is now in session

By Doug Glass, Backgate Website

As many may know, the 83rd Legislative session has now begun in Texas. State Senator, and Criminal Justice Committee chair John Whitmire says closing two more Texas prisons is on his agenda. With staffing levels lower then ever and the state's population of felons slowing he thinks it's time. Look for other potential run ins involving the TDCJ to spring up as well as the session drives on. The Texas Juvenile Justice system will again be under scrutiny after continuing issues at the youth lock ups. Some have suggested that the TDCJ absorb the Youth Commission and assume control of those facilities. We'll see.  Raises for Texas Correctional Officers ? Well, don't hold your breath although the AFSCME union has placed the topic high on their agenda of issues with state legislators once again this session.

The union also stated that they were tackling the following issues during this session;
  1. Privatization of ERS Retirement
  2. Cost of living pay increases 14% (3.5% for each fiscal year 2012-2015)
  3. Sick Time Benefits / Vacation Benefits
  4. Reduction of Health Care Benefits
  5. Work Place Conditions and Safety
  1. March 21st at 9 am meeting at the TX AFL-CIO Auditorium at 1106 Lavaca Street, Austin TX. We will be briefed, then we will move on to the capitol to meet with politicians. Then at 12 Noon, there will be a Fallen Officers Ceremony on the South Steps of the capitol. Please show up for this vitally important ceremony.
  2. May 16th 2013 we will again meet at the TX AFL-CIO Auditorium at 9 am, be briefed, then on to the capitol.
Other topics for this session are to include expanded concealed carry bills for Texans, immigration, and of course school financing. You can follow the session via video feed from the Texas House of Reps website by CLICKING HERE! 


  1. I hope we can get a little redemption in this session. For years of being overlooked.

    1. Would be nice, but not counting on it