Friday, May 17, 2013

TBCJ chairman tries to get his sister in law appointed to the board he chairs ? Say it aint so.

Wow, say it aint so. How unethical is that ? Should Bell Resign ??

By Mike Ward, Austin American Statesman

"The union that represents prison guards in Texas on Friday called for the chairman of the prison system’s governing board to resign for trying to get his sister-in-law selected for a spot on the nine-member board. Lance Lowry, president of the Huntsville-based Texas Correctional Employees Local of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said Gov. Rick Perry — who nominated Annette Raggette to the prison board, then withdrew her name Wednesday amid the controversy — should ask for Bell’s resignation. Lowry also asked for Travis County prosecutors to investigate whether any state laws were broken — whether nepotism laws cover board appointments and whether Raggette may have falsified a government document when she answered a question on the application form, and specified she was not related to any state official."

Should he resign ? 

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  1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

    What's a brotha going to do when his wife comes home and says, "You either hire my sister or you ain't tappin this azz until you do"!