Thursday, June 6, 2013

Question of ethics and positive influence, or personal business?

By Michael Williams, Backgate Website

So the question has been submitted to us via email probably a hundred times over the years. Is it ok for a warden to sleep with subordinate staff on his unit or facility and not face some sort of repercussions ? Is it personal business or an administrator using his/her position and influence to gain something sexual from
staff ? Can the act(s) create a hostile work environment for other staff members on the unit/facility?  IS it professional ? We have heard both sides of the issue, whats your take and why? Post below. Remember, keep it civil and professional.


  1. Professional? No.
    Ethical? No.
    Appropriate? No.
    Abuse of authority and power? Yes.

  2. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

    Professional: NO

    Ethical: NO

    Appropriate: NO

    Moral: NO

    Abuse of authority and Power: Not necessarily. What if the relationship is initiated by the subordinate?

    Create a hostile work environment: Maybe, but it needs to be clearly defined and clearly proved. Someone could fart in the office and then another employee could claim that you've created a hostile work environment. This term has been over abused and over used so much that it's turned into another politically correct term. It's too easy for an employee who gets caught not doing their job to claim they're working in a hostile work environment just because two peope are plowing each other.

  3. If we all didn't already know it was wrong, it wouldn't be a topic.

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