Monday, July 22, 2013

Perry won't run for re-election in 2014 - How will it affect TDCJ.

So does this mean a new TBCJ chair will be appointed ? Will it affect TDCJ employees?

From The Huffington Post

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) announced Monday that he will not seek reelection in 2014.
"The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership," Perry said of his decision.
"It's been an improbable journey that has taken me from a farm in this place called Paint Creek, Texas to the governor's office," Perry said of his time in office. "Each day has been an honor."
Perry's announcement came during a news conference in San Antonio, Texas.

First elected as the Lone Star State's lieutenant governor in 1998, Perry became governor in 2000 after then-governor George W. Bush resigned to become U.S. president. He was reelected in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He unsuccessfully ran for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, leaving the race ahead of the South Carolina primary.

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  1. MAYBE WE CAN GET A RAISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

    This won't impact rank and file, but I'll bet Executive Leadership is trying to figure out whose azz to kiss now. Every person that Governor Perry has appointed can be replaced by the new governor. They in turn will want to put their own leadership in place over state agencies. That's just how is works.

    I wouldn't bet on a pay raise from any new governor. Politicians in both parties have come to realize they don't have to do anything for us to keep their jobs.

  3. All of TDCJ(security/non-security)UTMB,Windham & Parole needs 2 register & vote in the mid-term elections.Everyone needs 2 do there research on who 2 vote for so we can get sum of these worthless politicians/reublicans out of office who only want 2 keep us on the bottom of the barrell!

  4. thank god he is gone or will be..... TDCJ OFFICERS NEEDS A RAISE

  5. Don't bet on a raise. Jesus in a Wheelchair (Greg Abbott) is worse than Governor Rick Perry. Abbott has the same billionaire donors who hate governmental employees. These billionaires don't want to pay their fair share of taxes for prisons, roads, and education because they can afford their own security, private schools, and jets that don't need roadways.

    The sad thing about Greg Abbott is correctional communities will turnout in full force to elect a Republican who is going to screw them worse than Rick Perry. Just because they have an R next to their name doesn't mean you have to vote for them. The elections in Texas are not competitive and the Republicans know no
    matter what they do they will be reelected. There should be no thing as a safe race in either Republican or Democratic districts.

    The Republicans screwed TDCJ so bad this last session. They found enough money to fund a 20% pay raise for all other statewide law enforcement. Correctional communities are some of the most Republican areas of Texas and look at what party loyalty got you, screwed again.

    Keep voting for things that don't matter... Abortion, guns, and tax breaks for billionaires.... I'm going to vote for things that matter, like my pay check and kids education.... An educated person is more dangerous than any gun.

  6. Here's the thing, Texas has a plural executive. The governor has very little power, as that it is spread between several different offices. Blindly replacing the governor will do little to improve things in TDCJ. Do some research, and actually vote. But, then again, we as a group of employees are bad at both. Nearly no one bothers to read policy much less look up candidates, and very few of us vote.

    1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

      Most employees will only look up policy when they're trying to get out of trouble rather than to know it from the beginning. I read at least one directive per day and when I've finished them all I start over. It really makes a difference on the front end when the allegation begins than to wait until they've served you with a hearing. Also, if you get a reputation for knowing policy that tends to keep the turd supervisors away even if you are wrong.