Friday, November 15, 2013

Houston TV news does story on TXDOT's usage of it's state jet for personal use. Can we top that ?

KPRC TV news in Houston published a story this week about how the TXDOT used and abused their state owned jet for personal use. Does it happen more than you know ? We think it does. Stay tuned for the story regarding the jet used by TDCJ administrators. You won't want to miss it !

Check out KPRC's story on TXDOT  HERE!


  1. I read the KPRC story. Backgate's summary of the story is misleading. It wasn't a jet. It was a prop plane. It wasn't TxDOT employees using the aircraft for personal use. It was a state senator out of Tyler using the plane to travel between Austin and Tyler. From the summary posted here, I was picturing TxDOT guys flying their families to South Padre to go to the beach.

    The KPRC story really isn't much of a story. The state apparently reimburses legislators for commercial air travel. The senator paid the state half the cost of using the state aircraft. There is both and variable and fixed cost component. Planes do use fuel when they fly, but it turns out TxDOT pilots are paid whether they fly or not.

    I think the only thing that makes this much of a story is that we are talking about going from Austin to Tyler. It's only a 233 mile drive. If the guy was going back and forth between El Paso and Austin, a 577 mile drive, flying would make sense.

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