Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lt. Governor Dewhurst Announces Interim Charges On Criminal Justice

AUSTIN — Lieutenant. Governor David Dewhurst announced Interim Charges relating to the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice.  "The state of medical and mental health care within the prison system presents an opportunity for Texas to improve a process that could ultimately save money and reduce the rate of repeat offenders while better protecting public safety," said Dewhurst. "Texas has always been tough on crime and these charges can make us even smarter on crime. I look forward to the findings of the Criminal Justice Committee on efforts to make the system more efficient for all Texans."
Lt. Governor Dewhurst issued the following charges to the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice:
HEALTH WITHIN THE PRISON SYSTEM. Lt. Governor Dewhurst asked the committee to study the operations of the Texas prison system with respect to the medical and mental health care treatment and the potential cost savings associated with identifying offenders with dual diagnoses and routing these individuals into appropriate services before, during, and after involvement with the criminal justice system. Dewhurst also asked the committee to study the way in which geriatric parole cases are currently evaluated and identify opportunities for reducing costs associated with the geriatric inmate population without compromising public safety.
JAIL DIVERSION FOR MENTALLY ILL. Additionally, Lt. Governor Dewhurst instructed the committee to study and make recommendations related to jail diversion, reduced recidivism rates, and access to services for those within the system who suffer from a mental illness. He also instructed the committee to monitor the progress and implementation of the jail diversion pilot program for the mentally ill in Harris County and determine the best practices to be applied statewide. '
"In Texas, no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting Texans and their tax-dollars," concluded Dewhurst. "Smart, conservative leadership has proved time and time again that the routine appraisal of our statewide systems only leads to a stronger economy, and we plan to extend that Texas Miracle through every level of state government, including our prison system."

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  1. Are you kidding me ? Tyler , Texas wastes more money that even their own Commissioner is complaining. They pay court appt atty's about 70k a year and they literally do nothing. I filed complaints againsts against them. I have written Dewy and the gov. The atty gen and finally the state auditor who actually cared of course its their job. No stone left unturned my a . He does not know what hes talking about and is making a comment he knows nothing about. The corruption in Tyler Texas has been going on for years its just that know one cares. 27th of 50 that is where Texas CPS places on the National scale. 70million dollars is thrown at this agency every year and it ranks 27th. The criminals need health care and CPS needs to answer for their fraud and abuse. Make well the prisoners and do away with CPS their liars, blackmailers and kidnappers. All these people that are posting the same comments are not lying. We didnt get together and make up these stories. CPS is hurting the family . 67% of people do not get their children back from cps in Texas every year. That means that about 4500 families a year do not get their kids back. Texas harbors child abusers . Preety soon all the people in Texas or majority of them will have lost their children to cps. They are not going to stop they get 3k per child to put them in foster care. No wonder there is a problem. Any body could lie a little to make sure they meet there goal for their incentive. Its just for a little while and they will probably get their kids back and so what I need the money.
    Justification of a case worker lying on a report before they come get your kids.