Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let the charade begin

 From Backgate Staff,

Just how low have TDCJ staffing numbers statewide gone? Are staffing plans cutting needed positions to beef up numbers? Just how safe is it going into the hottest and most violent time within the prison system - SUMMER- with fewer staff ?


  1. Simple Fix. For safety reasons only needed inmates should be allowed out of there cells. Kitchen, laundry and porters. All others should remain in there cell for there own safety. After all with increased heat comes increased violence. Once a month visits, if the unit has the manpower and then only G1, G2, and G3 inmates. G4, G5 and Ad Seg inmate's should not be allowed visits untill they learn to act right,,,

  2. Our Wardens and Majors are too weak to lock them down. I've worked shifts where there was no one but a Sgt. on the sidewalk to respond and he was running a rec yard. Staff safety comes way down the list, inmate church services and rec are the priority here.

  3. To lock offenders and clients down due to lack of staff would be deemed cruel and unusual punishment. Now if they were known as convicts, called convicts and treated as convicted felons, it would be less defacing. The problem with locking down the G-4 G-5 inmates,,, well, administration would simply reclassify the inmate to a G-3 or better as they are doing in order to have enough "trustees", be damn officer safety.
    And they wonder why it is difficult to keep officer positions filled and HR filled with applicants.

  4. On my unit priority positions are being reclassified to non-critical on staffing rosters & staff are being shown on paper in positions that are being left unattended. Staff Safety is not very high on the current administrations to do list. Its going to take a string of staff assaults or deaths due to lack of staff for Austin to take steps to correct the staffing problems. As with any state job its about pay & benefits.