Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lawsuit directed at TDCJ by Michelle Lyons progresses as media outlets take notice. Senator Whitmire removes himself from the controversy after contacting the Backgate.

By: Duane Stuart, Backgate Website

Ousted TDCJ Public Information Officer Michelle Lyons sits patiently as she awaits her day in federal court after filing a lawsuit against the TDCJ for gender discrimination and retaliation. We heard from Michelle today and she is doing just fine. Her attorneys are working diligently to clear her good name, and to prove that the agency is nothing more then bullies harassing good employees. Something that most TDCJ employees already know and have seen themselves. Michelle sends thanks to all who have continued to support her in her actions against the agency.

Weeks back, The Backgate spoke to Texas Senator John Whitmire regarding a statement he made to a local reporter regarding Michelle Lyons and her ordeal with the TDCJ.  Whitmire stated that he threw Lyons out of a public meeting after she was disrespectful and " popped her gum" while he proceeded with the meeting. A charge that was unfounded after evidence proved that he and Lyons were never in that type of environment together other then at a Senate hearing regarding cell phones, and on that occasion nothing happened. Insiders say that Whitmire confused Lyons with another staff member who did create an issue at a meeting involving Offender families. Whitmire called us at the Backgate to " clear the issue up" but never actually spoke with anyone here. We suspect he realized that Lyons actually filed the lawsuit against TDCJ and that what he said about Lyons was slanderous, so he recused himself of the matter. Recent attempts to contact his office have gone unanswered.

Although Senator Whitmire has typically been of assistance to us here in this forum, it seems he is riding the fence on this issue. We would like to see him do the right thing and set out to find the truth before the state loses millions in law suits over inept administrators in Huntsville. On another note, one of our staffers is one step closer to proving his case of retaliation against the TDCJ after he was targeted after being identified as one of our affiliates here. Attorneys are involved, and we cannot speak on the issue in depth, but it appears that the writing is on the wall with this one as well. These are just two of the stories on the issue of corruption within the agency itself. I am sure there have been thousands of others affected over the years. Well TDCJ, looks like the taxpayers and Legislators aren't amused by the lack of direction and poor management. Time to clean out the attic so to speak.

To see a recent article on the latest with Michelle Lyons, CLICK HERE to go to the Austin Chronicle!
Click HERE to read the lawsuit !  


  1. We have nobody to blame but ourselves,,, Perry was allowed to remain in office, and we all know that the corporate puppet strings are still in place
    How quick they all forget about the connally 7,,, and it wasnt to long ago
    That were under a federal mandate,,buuuut,,tdcj has always been reactive and not
    Proactive,,someone has to get hurt or God forbid get killed,,,they preach ethics and morals knowing what they are doing is wrong,, can you say hypocrites

  2. Perry along with all Administrators of TDCJ need to be locked up in one of these sorry units for awhile (no special treatment) and see how they like it. If you want to talk the talk, then you might as well walk the walk! Most all people in a public office are criminals of some sort anyway and probably more so than most any inmate presently incarcerated!

  3. Whitmire is a politian, nothing more. Nothing he says or does is of any interest to me anymore. I MIGHT be swayed if he came to a prison and worked one friggin day wearing a gray uniform. That will never happen.

  4. I would love to see that. Remember when he said he could come in and clear up the cell phone problem in a day? The point is that he doesn't respect the jobs that any of us do so why would he step to her aid, or anyone else's? He doesn't care about TDCJ employees. He'd much rather run his mouth about stupid stuff like last meals than actually stand up for something that matters. Stopping last meals did nothing for the employees - it just was a way for him to get into the media spotlight. What I want to know is why he continues to threaten to get a new administration for TDCJ, but he never does it? Instead, he would rather just keep letting the current administration screw up and get the agency sued. No wonder we're so short - who wants to come work for an agency where the leaders don't have the guts to tell Whitmire where he can go, and Whitmire doesn't have the guts to make any changes in administration.

  5. The main problem with TDCJ is not having an outside agency to oversee the corruption that happens daily. If you have the money to hire high dollar lawyers, then you have a fighting chance, but if you dont, then your screwed. Dont think the TDCJ wont lie to try to prove you guilty. The Feds need to oversee everything the TDCJ does. If your an officer and your accused of anything, no matter what it is, dont take their polygraph, you wont pass!!!! Make them do their job and dont make it easy for them. If you file for all the info they have on you under the freedom of info act, they will try to keep it from you, but you will get it. Im sure you will find several lies in that info too.

  6. Michelle Lyons I hope you get everything you deserve, thanks for the service you have done.
    I know corruption all to well, I was threatened verbally, the inmates family members were calling me at work, we had a use of force on the offender due to another threat to kill me and my family with several witnesses. The inmate filed all kinds of false allegations on me, where I was demeaned and officially oppressed. you know the story where oh inmates don't lie they all speak the truth BULLSH!T. Thanks to a captain who looked into this and seen through all the inmates lies, I wasn't a victim of unfair firing.
    I asked for the inmate to be shipped off the unit repeatedly and he was not , they placed him in ad seg, where I work. IMAGINE THAT HUH!!! Then released him 3 months later... I was told he didn't meet the criteria to be an ad seg offender. The inmate is in there for murder HELLO! Now the inmate is still on the unit with me, so its just a matter of time before he pulls another stunt again i'm sure. Michelle i'm glad you could find a team or attorney to take your case I NEED THEIR NAMES AND NUMBERS>

    1. I do too! My case was dismissed with prejudice on the discrimination, and without prejudice on the retaliation. I did not get good representation from my attorney. Desperate for answers. Ellen Burton