Wednesday, June 20, 2012

With California de-incarcerating, Texas leads states with most prisoners

 What to make of it ?

 From The Grits For Breakfast Blog;

Texas now has the largest prison population of any state after California reduced its prison population by tens of thousands, as directed by a federal court order. Reported the Sacramento Bee:
California used to have the nation's largest state prison system, topping 173,000 inmates at its peak in 2006. But since a law took effect last year that shifts responsibility for less serious criminals to county jails, the state has reduced its prison population and is no longer the largest in the nation.

California now has fewer than 136,000 state inmates, eclipsed by about 154,000 in Texas. Florida previously was third, according to 2010 figures from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, and currently has about 100,000 inmates...

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  1. At least we're first at something. Now how about paying the officers that have to put up with that distinction.

    1. TDCJ doesn't have money to give us a decent raise but yet they just installed flat screen tv's in every cell at the Walls Unit. I just don't understand..