Friday, August 3, 2012

Connally unit in Kenedy to ship off 320 more offenders due to understaffing woes

By Michael Williams, Backgate Website

TDCJ has reported that the Connally unit in Kenedy will be once again mothballing some offender housing areas due to chronic under staffing issues on the facility. Just a few months ago, similar numbers were moved for the same reason. TDCJ is blaming low staffing numbers on the re-immersion of the oil field boom in South Texas, But the Backgate has learned it may be an issue with the way the Officers are treated in that region, and the uncontrolled massive amounts of forced overtime Officers are mandated to work each week. Others have said it's just not safe to work in such an understaffed environment where the show must always go on. 320 no doubt bottom of the barrel quality offenders will be hopping on buses in coming weeks and headed to a unit near you as the unit hovers around 59% total staffing ! Are more units soon to follow? .... surely more to come ...

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