Thursday, August 30, 2012

TDCJ Vs. Employees on facebook - the sequel

By Duane Stuart, Backgate Website

I few months ago we did a story regarding the TDCJ monitoring employee facebook accounts, and the resulting disciplinary action they claim is not happening. Well, we have yet another case to report. This time, it involves selective enforcement, a termination, and a reversal based on the actions of a high ranking TDCJ official himself. See what it's all about. You will be amazed at how it all turned out, and why. Stay tuned for the upcoming story by Doug Glass...


  1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten

    Very nice tease. I can hardly wait for the article.

  2. From the cell of Sea Shores:

    This didn't start out as TDC monitoring our accounts. It started out with a Sgt. at the Walls unit having a high school buddy on his friends list that he hadn't seen in over 25yrs since graduation here in Huntsville. The "buddy" had dated the Sgt.s sister in school and sent both them a friend request a year or so ago. Turns out the buddy had done a short stent in our system as a felon. He came through the Walls unit for a short period as well.
    There was a female boss on the Sgt.s friends list whom noticed the buddy/felon whom had wanted to "get back" the Sgt for some previous personal actions between them. So she reported him as to say he was friends with an offender.
    The Sgt. had no clue that the buddy/felon had been locked up at any time. The Sgt. was disciplined and terminated.
    he went through mediation and brought in his/my attorney. It turns out that the some big wig at BOT, I think director of finance or something like that, also had this same buddy/felon on HIS friends list as well. But he was disciplined or reprimanded. When this fact was proven and brought up, TDC had no choice but to re-instate the Sgt. The attorney subpeoned F/B's records and proved that the friend request was sent and approved prior the the incarceration of the buddy/felon.

    I think TDC blew this way out of proportion like everything they get involved in with out thinking about it logically.

    That is all!

  3. they are doing it at other units

  4. I beleive the female was a Lieutent that was trying to look good for the higher ups, I hear nothing happened to her.

  5. Sea Shores says Yes, they are doing it at other units....but I don't agree w/the way it is being carried out. I own a large tract of property in the country w/horses and cattle on it. The tract of land that I share a fence w/belongs to an ex con who has served time for DWI and is on paper. Occasionally his livestock enters my property and vice-versa. So occasionally we communicate by phone and in person. Does that make me a bad boss? Does that make me dirty? A local long time AC/Heating company here in Huntsville is owned by an ex-con. They installed my system in my home 2yrs ago? I paid him....thousands of $'s. Does that make me a bad boss? Does that make me dirty? I have purchased furniture in the past from Gallery Furniture. Does that make me a dirty boss?
    My point is, you come in contact daily with ex cons whom you never will know this info about them. But does using them make you a bad boss? Should I be terminated?

    A DJ at a local radio station is an ex-con. I "Liked" the radio stations Face Book page and it has his radio name specifically on that page from the company. Does that mean I should be terminated?

    I have friends that have family in the penitentiary. And they have their ex-con family members on their page. Does that make me a dirty or sorry boss?


    1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten

      You're a dirty little girl. We have to spank dirty little girls. Bad, bad, bad!

  6. From the cell of seashores.. your close. We are working on the story now. Sure to get the attention of main stream media and maybe a legislature or two.

  7. There is a Sgt at Hutchins unit who recieved a big slap on the and an EEO over talking and joking on his facebook isn't that what's it for?!? First Hutchins go against officers Civil Rights now this. Talk about power trip. HUTCHINS need to be INVESZtIGATED