Friday, September 14, 2012

Death Row Unlikely to Be Source for Organ Donations

 The Backgate Says: Shouldn't this idea at least be looked at ? It would be voluntary of course on the part of the inmate but being that the organ transplant waiting lists are getting even longer shouldn't it become an option ?

Story From The Texas Tribune;

Before Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon established a moratorium on his state’s death penalty last year, Christian Longo, a death row inmate, started a campaign to allow the condemned to donate their organs.

Longo argued that a new execution protocol that many states — including Texas — have adopted leaves inmates’ organs viable for transplantation.

“While I can potentially help in saving one life with a kidney donation now, one preplanned execution can additionally save from 6 to 10 more lives,” Longo wrote in a plea that Oregon officials denied.

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  1. From the Desk of BoBo The Beaten:

    Personally, I would not oppose to death row convicts donating just their heads after it's severed at the neck. Then the head should be mounted on the end of a stick and placed in a high traffic area of the city where the crime was committed. Let the crows have the torso. But that's just one mans opinion.

  2. As a Correctional Officer who has had an organ transplant, I asked myself the question, "Would I have taken the organ of a condemed inmate"? It wouldn't have been my first option, but if it had been my only option, then of course. I quickly came to this conclusion when I thought about my babies growing up without their mother. As a organ transplant recipient I know that I was the lucky one. I have seen many die waiting for transplant. There just are not enough organs available. If these inmates are willing to donate, then let them.

  3. not sure if its true or not but I saw on a documentary that lethal injection pretty much throws out the organ donation option due to the chemicals used destroying most organs except maybe the eyes.

  4. Says that Seashores says.......It's not an option of rather TDC wants to do this.....It is no ones choice but only the inmate and his signature on that one piece of paper. It can also be the family if they have the proper documents prior to his death. Such as a Guardianship. Not a power of attorney, it ceases at death.

    Also, to the one's who claim they wouldnt take one from a convicted felon....First of all, you will not probably ever know were it came from, and secondly, the will to live, survive, and thrive is allot stronger than your preference of rather it came form a felon or not.