Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Solitary Confinement reform needed in the TDCJ ? Or is the idea just an outsiders view of a more violent prison system ?

An Editorial from the Austin Statesman

Texas prison officials call it "administrative segregation." You know it as solitary confinement.

The state has implemented innovative treatment and rehabilitation programs in recent years, and some of those programs have served as a model for criminal justice reforms in other states.
But when it comes to keeping inmates in indefinite isolation, Texas remains stuck in a get-tough past.
According to state figures, 8,144 inmates are isolated from the general prison population.

 The good news is, this number is a decrease from the 8,701 inmates held in solitary in 2010, which itself was a decrease from the 9,752 inmates held in isolation in 2005. Texas is at least moving in the right direction when it comes to numbers of inmates in solitary confinement....

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  1. it's obvious the person that wrote this has never worked in a prison, tell them to read your Sept 5th post about the officer getting stabbed then it may stick in their heads what we are dealing with on a day to day basis.

    1. That offender at Stiles should really not be in ad seg, he should be on death row, without an appeal. With his history living behind bars is to good for him. Ad seg is needed, if you cannot act right while in prison then you will not ever act right no matter where you are. Gang members need to be put someplace that they cannot run as much as they want. People that have never been around the inner prison system have no idea wht goes on. Kinda like our top leader and the senator.

  2. The people that wrote this article obviously are not familiar with TDCJ programs. TDCJ offers the serious and violent offender reentry initiative program which is housed at the Estelle unit which houses 63 offenders. the program is designed to give offenders up for release from seg the life skills needed to reenter society.

  3. Whitmire needs to put on a grey uniform and work one of those administrative segregation buildings. He can work his magic, lead by example, and show everyone how it's supposed to be done.

  4. Hey whitmire come to work in Seg.

  5. i spent some time in Ad Seg and all it did was make me more violent and wanting revenge on anyone that crossed me once I got out of prison. You people are the ones that get to decide when I get out if I want to rape and murder my neighbor or be a productive member of society. The vast majority of us do get out sooner or later.

  6. FYI - Whitmire is a clown. I've testified several times before his committe on various CJ related issues. his relevancy is long past.