Monday, August 5, 2013

Agency Ethics? Lets hear from you

By The Backgate Website

What are ethics you may ask ? Well the dictionary defines it as such;

eth·ics [eth-iks] 
plural noun
1. ( used with a singular or plural verb ) a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture.
2. the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.: medical ethics; Christian ethics.
3. moral principles, as of an individual: His ethics forbade betrayal of a confidence.
4. ( usually used with a singular verb ) that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.

With more and more ethics and morals issues arising within the agency in recent years making news, what issues have you witnessed that could be suspect ? No names or identifying ranks please or your post will be deleted.


  1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

    You have tried to initiate conversation on this topic many times, but no one seems to care. Or maybe they've given up? Don't preach to me about ethics when higher level management doesn't seem to have any. When you hear "ethics" most people seems to think it's about who's boinkin' who, but it's about more than that. It's how the promotion process is used, it's about how the hiring process is used, it's about how the rules are applied and many other things. You are either ethical in your core, in your fabric or you're not. It's not something you can teach. Most people know the right thing when they see it and many people fail to do the right thing.

    What is particularly disturbing is when you see a manager fail to follow a rule, it is known by their management, but nothing happens. You don't give a fuck about me and I don't give a fuck about you! I do my work for the people of Texas, not management whether they're ethical or not.


  3. When I see someone type in all caps, I always imagine them angrily smashing down on the keys; makes me feel a bit sorry for the poor keyboard.

  4. FrOm ThE dEsK oF BoBoThEbEaTeN:

    PeRsOnAlLy, I dOn'T hAvE a PrObLeM wItH aLl CaPs.

  5. Why do you even bother with this subject. There are no ethics with administration. Administration press ethics down the throats of the working Officers. Ethics are there only to threaten and scare the peon workers. They do not apply to the oozing arrogant, overbearing, egotistic, and hypocrite snakes who are with minimal titles (usually above a Lieutenant) who make ignorant people think they are actually running something. When all along the staff, and only the staff reflects good on their over inflated pompous egos.

  6. Ethics and TDCJ in the same sentence is an oxymoron. TDCJ treats their Veteran Officers worse than the inmates. It is sad that officers are passed over on promotions based on who they are related to. It makes me so mad to watch good officers leave (quit) cause there is no equality. TDCJ has become a stagnate pool of goo. Unless we do something and do it soon the staff shortage is only gonna get higher and higher. It our fault cause instead of doing the right thing we turn a blind eye cause we are all afraid of the retaliation from the higher ups.

  7. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

    TDCJ needs to set up qualification exams for employees who wish to promote similar to civil servant exams for police and/or fire departments. You should demonstrate that you understand rules, orders, etc. and have a general knowledge of the job. If you pass the exam then you get on a list of employees who are then eligible to be interviewed. I wonder how many buddies would not be able to pass an exam? Right now the system is that if you are encouraged to apply for a promotion then all you have to do is show up for the interview. If you are eligible for an oral interview the questions shouldn't be some dumb 5 or 6 questions with subjective answers. The questions should be specific to the job.

  8. You hear over having pride of your uniform. The ones that usually push this insult over and over are the fat out of shape, ready to have a heart attack supervisors, but they talk about pride. If they were to assist on a medical run, the medical staff first impression is the weight, especially the over the plus bearer. TDCJ talks about keeping yourself fit while promoting fat poster board examples. It's embarrassing to be seen with them with their uniform nicely pressed and collar bars. The rest should try to follow the good examples from rare fit, and capable supervisors.

  9. If you know something is wrong, report it. Doing the right thing is difficult because of the lack of support. Doing the right thing by standing up for what is offensive crossing the line you end up standing alone, your co workers label you a snitch and spead rumors say hateful things and treat you like you are the enemy. I am proud that I took action and at the end of the day when I look in the mirror. I am at peace. We all make choices and if you berate, invoke the code of slience ,then you are just as guilty. Because for every action , right , wrong or indifferent there is an equal, consequential reaction. How can you sit here and judge someone for being ethical, having pride in my position, appearance, my core values and beliefs. If you can't be a mature adult and take the position of speaking out then it will only get worse. We need to speak up on wrongs and let our voices be heard, if no shut up . If those people who like to spread rumors, cause drama, want diva treatment and sit on the trash can barking put that amout of time and energy into doing their job duties and if you learned to work together, communicate with each member of the team . It is not about race, descrimination, who you do what you do. It is about the oath you took. We are a team in grey to protect inmates public and each other. It's about learning and gaining experience and promoting based on merit and performance not because you suck up, make a great puppet, we seem to have in influx of immature officers who could learn more from the officers who have a foundation based on ethics, skills, principles instead of whining when they don't get there way. Come on people get your act together our lives may depend on each other. If you don't like the conditions, pay, rank, heat, cold, doing your job then by all means go find another one because rewarding incompetence is not the solution.

  10. About the oath? There are no ethics much less an oath. Yeah, staff are going elsewhere for work. This is why the agency can't fill the vacancies. Rewarding incompetence? The only incompetence is from this agency to it's staff. TDCJ is disloyal and changes the rules and policies only to benefit themselves. The foundation of it's incompetence are promoting individuals lacking leadership skills. They might know the policy, but that can't make up for their incompetence for their ruthless and unethical behavior to consistently distain, and belittle staff.

  11. It's all sooooo true. I could tell some stories. Just glad to be retired.

  12. You know I've seen this subject come up quite often over the years. And, it's always controversial. I retired in April of this year, after almost 31yrs working for TDCJ. Are there unethical employee's in TDCJ? Of course there are. There are unethical employee's in every profession. I may have been very lucky during my career. I don't know. I worked for a lot of wardens over the years. And, to a warden, each time I brought evidence of misconduct by an employee to them they took care of business. I was involved in many investigations in which evidence against employee's was discovered, evidence that got them fired. I was called a snitch. I was threatened by some. I didn't give a shit. If you were dirty, and I got solid evidence against you, you were going down. PERIOD. It didn't matter what rank you were to me either. It was a matter of ethics for me to do my job, and take care of business. I expected the same from everyone around me.

    That doesn't mean I didn't work for some unethical people. Most of them ended up getting fired, or retired early, due to their unethical behavior. Karma is a bitch, and it catches up to everyone. The mistake I saw so many officers make during my career was letting unethical behavior of others affect them on a personal level. They let it bring down their morale, and it affected their attitudes. To survive in TDCJ, or anywhere else, you can't allow that to happen. Never let the actions of others affect you to that point. Use your circle of influence to have a positive impact on the facility where you work. Positive attitudes tend to be contagious, and spread.

    To the supervisors who read this. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE! Look out for them. Take an interest in THEM. Let them know you are there for them. And, BE THERE for them. Your shifts are only as strong as the weakest link. Take the time to develop EVERY staff member you supervise. Take the time to TRAIN. Take the time to CARE. It will show, and affect all of your staff.

    I do see some positive things happening in TDCJ. There are some ethical people in management. Most recently, Mr. Paul Morales was promoted to Deputy Director for Management Operations. I worked for Mr. Morales as his Region 3 Safe Prison Program Coordinator when he was the region 3 regional director. I can say without reservation that Mr. Morales is one of the most ethical persons I know. He has, and will continue to have a positive impact on the agency, and all who come in contact with him.

    Good luck everyone, and stay safe.

    Marty Ley
    Region 3 RSPPC Retired 2013