Monday, August 26, 2013

Climate-Controlled Swine Buildings Dismay Inmates' Advocates

In light of lawsuits alleging that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice failed to shield inmates from heat-related deaths, inmates’ advocates are denouncing an agency contract to build six “climate controlled” buildings for pigs.

The building contract, which was awarded to Art's Way Scientific for $750,000 June 25, will house sows and their new piglets for the first three weeks after birth, said TDCJ spokesman Bryan Collier. The agency breeds pigs for its agriculture program, which provides food for inmates across the state.

Backgate Says: How about the employees get the A/C, or that money go to raises for the line staff ? Hmmmm.....


  1. From the Desk BoBoTheBeaten:

    The sad thing is that if the court addresses this it will be on behalf of the convicts and not the staff. And what does the union think? What has the union done in behalf of the people they claim to represent? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Oh wait, if they're already getting your dues then they don't have to do anything.

  2. Pigs are profit centers. Inmates and bosses are cost centers. I don't see any compelling reason to put AC inside the units. I worked in the heat, and the went home to my AC. The inmates stayed in the heat where they belonged.

  3. Scary to think....I'm with Bobo....

  4. Scary to think how uninformed you are. While you were doing nothing to help TDCJ employees, by complaining on a message board, the union was meeting with attorneys, journalist, and placing up a website to assist TDCJ employees.

    Go to to take action.

  5. pigs die in high heat. They do not perspire thus can not regulate their internal temperature.