Sunday, January 16, 2011

Backgate site progressing

By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

Although some don't appreciate the change, the site is progressing back to the point it was at prior to the change. Security issues with the VBulletin format left the site wide open for hackers/spammers. Sometimes the most simple of formats is the most secure. You can post comments under each posted story in this format, and can do so by simply verifying your comment is not spam. The message board is also in its original basic format we started with years back. You will have to register to post as always, and you must be verified and approved before your membership is approved. The turn around on approval is approximately 6 hours. This will ensure that our community is secure from spam and other security issues. The Backgate is popular allover the world and with that being said, brings in a lot of death penalty opponents, and  others with the intent to damage or disrupt the website. Thanks for your support ! 


  1. How do I sign in now that the site has changed?

  2. you dont have to sign in here. But if you want to make it easier next time just get you a google account or openID when it prompts you to as you post comments !

  3. The forum will never be anything more useful than a place to BS if you don't preserve the data from the previous forum every time you change it.

    A year ago a lot of very useful information was posted in that forum. But then you changed without preserving the old forum. Now you've changed it again without preserving the old data.

    Why would anyone go to the trouble of posting serious information if it's simply going to cease to exist is a month or a year? There are better places to do that. or PrisonOfficer.Org for instance.