Sunday, January 23, 2011

Region III Central unit employees being threatened to stay mum on possible closure

By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

As news spreads around the state like wildfire about the possible closure of the 101 year old Central prison unit in Sugarland, TDCJ has ordered it's employees there to remain quiet. Employees who have contacted the Backgate have stated that the administration has ordered them to not speak with the media about the potential closure. A move that is without a doubt outside of the power of TDCJ. Policy prohibits employees from releasing sensitive information about the agency to the public. That would be offender information, security sensitive information and the likes. The 1st amendment even applies to TDCJ employees believe it or not. Could it be a ploy by the agency not to ruffle feathers ? If there are no openings for staff in Region III where they live with their families and are sent 300 miles north then isn't that news worthy ? Bad choice TDCJ. It makes it appear there is something to hide. More to come...

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  1. Not sure what that would be about but, the media is already talking about a possible closure.This is nothing new for Central.Certain unnamed individuals have been trying to close this unit down for years.Wanna bet it's all about money?Just look at the proposals listed on TDCJ's official site,under housebill proposals. It's right at the top.Why would it be hush-hush? It's all about politics and greed. Those employees and their families are going to be the ones who pay the price. And just minutes down the road are four other units on 'prime' real estate.How long before certain individuals want that as well?