Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stiles unit metal fab plant and Central unit prison in Region III on chopping block

By Tonya Peters, Backgate Website

It's been confirmed that the Stiles unit prison in Beaumont will close the doors for its metal fabrication factory. Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) has said the plant will be shut down in March. Those affected employees will be given the opportunity to become Correctional Officers or will be let go sources say. It's the first major closure of a state operated facility to date. Also on the chopping block is the Central Prison unit in Sugarland, Fort Bend County. For years analyst have projected that the land the facility is located on is worth more then the use of the prison itself. If Legislators have their way, the Central unit will be next up for closure.

The closure of the Central unit would affect 309 total employees, 229 of those being security related positions. With just over a total of 1,000 inmates, the unit sits on 325 acres of prime residential real estate.

Get involved, contact your local legislators now !


  1. I thought the metal fab plant was a money maker for the state?

  2. TCI Hasn't made the money they normally do in over a year