Tuesday, May 31, 2011

State Lawmakers Ordered Back To Work Today

By Chuck Lindell 
Austin American Statesman

With senators unable to broker a last-minute deal on school finance, the Texas Legislature gaveled the 82nd session closed Monday, followed quickly by Gov. Rick Perry calling legislators back for a special session to begin this morning.
Perry, who determines the agenda of special sessions, directed the Legislature to consider the school finance bill, which would reduce the amount owed to school districts by $4 billion, and a Medicaid measure.

Other issues could be added as early as today, and Republicans immediately began lobbying to include a laundry list of GOP priorities that fizzled during the regular session, including a ban on "sanctuary cities" and an effort to save grade schools money by allowing larger class sizes.
"It could get really interesting and contentious around here," said Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan.

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  1. This applies to the prison system,how? We don't give a hoot about Texas lame-ass politicians anymore.Stick to topics that pertain to the title, "A Texas Based Criminal Justice and Prison Employee Information Source".

  2. Issues determining state funding have a secondary effect on TDCJ's Operating Budget.

  3. if you spend money in Texas, have kids in school, or work for the state you have a stake in whats happening now.. get your head out of the sand.