Monday, May 2, 2011

Texas prison workers accused of romance with sex convicts

 The Backgate Says:

This story only scratches the surface. It's so widespread around the state and seems so common even with Officers and Offenders that it's almost  "normal " and accepted. A sign that the agency has somehow taken a true turn for the worse over the past 10 years. Where will it end ?

By Stephen Dean

(Huntsville) -- Texas prison leaders are crediting alert employees for halting romantic relationships between three prison workers and inmates who were undergoing sex offender counseling, Local 2 Investigates reported on Sunday.
"Any time you get that closeness, it's a threat to the institution," said the prison system's Inspector General John Moriarty.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice
confirmed this week that all 3 employees resigned when confronted with evidence of the improper relationships with prisoners since June 2009.   They have been flagged as ineligible for rehire by the prison system.

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  1. I worked in TDCJ-ID for over twenty-two years. But, I could not ever understand how prison staff find themselves in love with convicted felons. I do understand, however, that many staff members are a nucleus of psychopathology. In Angelton, a high ranking SOTP clinician managed to find the other end of a knife when she was murdered by her spouse for screwing a sex offender. SOTP is nothing but a bastardized version of the impressive work of Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D., the leading expert on the antisocial personality disorder.

    When I last attended a Samenow workshop, I was sitting in an audience of fellow mental health professionals, including many from SOTP.

    I asked Dr. Samenow if his approach to treating psychopaths worked for the sex offender. He emphatically verbalized a resounding "no." I asked him to repeat his statement. He did, but it seems as though the SOTP staff never heard a word. I happen to personally know the author of the SOTP curriculum. He had a brief run in TDCJ-ID.

    So, I think it is high time to pull out the faradic stimulation device & penile plethysmograph. If they don't respond, then death should follow.

  2. You got that right. Glad to hear from someone with first hand experience. Some criminal justice experts have recommended castration for sex offenders. How do you feel about that?

  3. You can castrate a sex offender but it will not stop the urge. He can still rape someone with his fingers, or an object, and so on. He will still have the urge and power to be in control and do harm. I watched one of the night time talk shows something like 20/20 or night line years ago, where they had interviewed sex offenders. This is what they found.

  4. Where will it end. . . with someone getting killed. . .

  5. Do not expect it to end. Always be on guard for the possibility.

  6. It will never end...sadly....A 76yr old man was released from a prison and within 3 months he raped a 4yr old girl.As long as they can physically carry out their urges they will always do harm.This stays with a rape or molestation victim their whole life.Anybody caught doing these type of crimes should deal with it the rest of their lives as jail or put out of everyone's misery....permanently.