Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Backgate Poll Question answered

Do you support the release of non-violent criminals from Texas prisons as a means of reducing prison overcrowding and saving money ?

YES 71 (68%)
NO   33 (31%)
 Texas prison workers and the general public have spoken ! What are some benefits, or concerns? Speak up in the comment section below.


  1. I work for TDCJ and bwelieve that we waste millions each year keeping people locked up. It is a proven fact that incarceration doen't prevent crime. All those who are terminally ill should be released to become the responsability of someone else. Millions are spent each year, in some cases to be kept alive in order to execute them. I could go on but will not.

  2. It is all about the money. The State does not have the funds to lock up all the non-violent offenders, so now we need to figure out which ones need to stay. Just because they are non-violent or haven't been apprehended for violent crimes yet, doesn't mean that they will not reek havoc on society once these so-called non-violent offenders are released. They will. The terminally ill and close to terminally ill are a good choice. Most will get back on drugs and expire pretty quickly. Anyone ever done those ten dollar and less dates with the terminally ill offenders who get out and walk the streets? They used to pull on my door handles at two and three am when I stopped for traffic lights. After all those State jails were filled up and the State threw billions at rehabilitation, a lot of that stopped.