Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Curious Sentence of Convict #86388

 By Jim Willett, Texas Prison Museum

There are many infamous inmates in the long history of the Texas prison system. Then there are those whom the public has most likely never heard of whose story is interesting. The story of convict Dorothy Thompson is out of the ordinary, but my bet is that most folks today know nothing of it. Here is her story.

Dorothy Thompson entered the Texas Prison System on October 6, 1937 as convict #86388, doing two years for forgery. She turned herself in as a voluntary surrender at the Huntsville Prison, went through processing there where she received her prison number. Convict Thompson was 5’ 6” and weighed 174 pounds, with auburn hair, blue eyes, with fair skin. Records indicate that she had three small scars, one being from an appendix surgery.

She was 29 years old. Her former job was listed as house-keeper. Dorothy admitted to drinking and smoking cigarettes. She was transferred the same day to the Goree State Farm for women. A trusty drove the vehicle over with Dorothy in the front seat and a guard in the back. Upon arriving at the Goree prison, she was turned over to Mrs. Heath, wife of the Goree captain (warden), M. V. (Marcus) Heath.

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