Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Dow Chemical Company eying 2200 acres of TDCJ property in Rosharon ?

 By Michael Williams, Backgate Website

In a house bill (HB 2004)  recently presented by Lake Jackson (district 25)  state representative Dennis Bonnen and passed in the legislature, 2200 acres of state prison property adjacent to the Stringfellow prison unit in northern Brazoria county will be up for sale to the highest bidder. The property in question includes the TDCJ unit river clubhouse that is used by employees and their families for recreation. The property borders the Brazos river and the Harris resevoir. Land adjacent to the 2200 acres is already owned by Dow Chemical Company. Although TDCJ will not reveal just who the new owners may be, Backgate insiders have obtained information through solid sources that Dow Chemical is in fact seeking the property. TDCJ and Dow Chemical would not provide comment on the deal. Representative Bonnen, who began his 8th term in the house has served previously on the House Environmental Regulation Committee.

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