Friday, July 1, 2011

TDCJ overtime pay-outs increase as staffing continues to decline

 By Doug Glass, Backgate Website

The Backgate reported on a story sometime back regarding the increased use of overtime within the agency and how a brand new staffing shortage is in fact upon us. Less recruits being hired, and increased numbers being fired or resigning have decreased the staffing numbers on prison units statewide. The use of voluntary and mandatory overtime for agency staff members has risen sharply over the past six months, and shows no sign of slowing. Many employees are happy to see it's return and are enjoying the extra pay checks. Many others state that they would rather continue overtime and work short as long as the agency rids the units of problematic and corrupt staff members.

From April 2011 to May of 2011 there was an increase of almost $168,000 paid out in overtime costs. The biggest jump seen in within the previous years time. 

The following numbers were supplied to the Backgate from the TDCJ financial services office and is reflective of the past six months of overtime money paid out to employees.

December 2010  - $433,429
January 2011      - $373,535

February 2011    - $308,163
March 2011        - $407,215

April 2011          - $400,579
May 2011           - $567,311

(note, overtime usage numbers include non-security staff members as well)

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