Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contraband 101: The conclusion

By Tonya Peters, Backgate Website
Check out the below statistics on cell phone confiscations 
within TDCJ dating back to 2008. Have the numbers improved
or have they become progressively worse ? You be the judge.

Calender Year 2008

Month Number of Incidents of Cell Phones Found
June 80
July 114
August 121
September 123
October 174
November 91
December 100
Calendar Year 2009
Month Number of Cell Phones Not Intercepted
January 118
February 78
March 88
April 101
May 83
June 90
July 87
August 93
September 129
October 83
November 84
December 76
Calendar Year 2010
Month Number of Cell Phones Not Intercepted
January 65
February 71
March 86
April 98
May 62
June 45
July 67
August 65
September 68
October 58
November 48
December 58
Calendar Year 2011 (Through June 2011)
Month Number of Cell Phones Not Intercepted
January 67
February 48
March 58
April 86
May 57
June 44
(Explanation of statistics: TDCJ first counted numbers of total phones found inside and outside.
they then began logging them as found prior to being introduced (found) and the phones found
inside the secure perimeter (phones not intercepted). 

The AFSCME Union had this to say when we asked their opinion about how TDCJ is
currently handling issues with contraband:
"The AFSCME Union believes the overall problem with contraband in TDCJ is not the
fault of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice or Brad Livingston.  From our
experience blame should fall on the Texas House Appropriations Committee and Rick
Perry.  The Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Brad Livingston supported in full
the 20% increase in pay for Texas Correctional Officers.  The House Appropriations
Committee and the Governor's Office did not support the increase in pay.  Without
proper pay TDCJ is forced to take short cuts in recruiting qualified applicants to
keep positions filled."  

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