Sunday, August 28, 2011

State Legislators, others visit Region III Darrington unit Monday to kick off prison seminary project

By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

Though thought to be ill conceived by many, it's creators Criminal Justice Committee chair John Whitmire and Senator Dan Patrick say the program will reduce violence. The new seminary program is sponsored by the Southwest Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and will train felons to become ministers. It's a 125 credit hour four year program and once completed inmates will receive a degree. The program was patterned after a Louisiana based program that mirrors this one and is said to have had a positive calming effect on some of that states most violent prisons.

State Legislators, TDCJ administrators and even rumors that the Lt. Governor may attend have put Darrington on alert we are told. How do you corral dozens of politicians through a metal detector and pat search process ? Guess after Monday we will know.

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  1. What are they doing for the victim ? is making a difference.