Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Senators, TDCJ administrators on hand to kick off Seminary project on Darrington

By Tonya Peters, Backgate Website

The brainchild of Senators Whitmire and Patrick, the Darrington Seminary project was kicked off Monday during a visit to the Darrington unit in Region III by both Senators along with TDCJ administrators. The new seminary program is sponsored by the Southwest Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and will train felons to become ministers.

It's a 125 credit hour four year program and once completed inmates will receive a degree. The program was patterned after a Louisiana based program that mirrors this one and is said to have had a positive calming effect on some of that states most violent prisons.

Both Senators addressed prospective offenders in the unit chapel  regarding the new pilot program. Also on hand was TDCJ Executive Director Brad Livingston.

 Photos Provided courtesy of  Senator Dan Patrick

Senator Whitmire (left) and Senator Patrick (center) speak to offenders.

From Left to right- Senator Dan Patrick, Darrington Senior Warden Brenda Chaney, TDCJ Exec. Director Brad Livingston, Senator John Whitmire

Darrington unit chapel service honoring the new Seminary Program


  1. Never seen so many inmates with clean clothes,new shoes and fresh haircut. Good for photo op. What about giving the Victim a degree. At Jester 1 Warden Bradshaw could never pull something this big off. He would have to learn how to talk to staff first.

  2. That Bradshaw will never make a Senior Warden.The way he treats his staff like their inmates. Yelling, making threats to take their job away. We don't make $ 55,000.00 like he does. He kisses up to higher rank. No people skills, makes sexual gesters about female staff. Most put up with him,the job market makes you stay. Someone please help US. Do not transfer to Jester 1 or Vance Unit.

  3. Sorry to hear you got Warden Bradshaw. He was always a problem with staff for years. Thank God we have Senior Warden Chaney. She is tough but treats staff like family. I have alot of respect for her.

  4. Mitchell L. Bradshaw
    RR 3 PO Box 70
    Crockett,Tx. 75835
    Write or Call
    Inform him TDCJ will not put up with a hostal work place. Females are off limits. His little orange chair has to go. TDCJ does not allow metal hangers when dry cleaning. Follow the rules set in place.Stop forcing offenders to work their lunch. Let them have a hot meal like you do.

  5. That Warden Bradshaw has allot of problems.tom wade