Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home of the TDCJ UTMB hospital, Galveston again alive with Mardi Gras!

By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

Just three blocks from the hospital that houses some of the TDCJ's sick or injured, the UTMB hospital stands in the distance from Galveston's historic Strand boulevard and the site of the popular annual Galveston Mardi Gras celebration. Incoming TDCJ Offenders may even be able to see the celebration as it takes place if they are lucky.

The Backgate did a feature story on the proximity of the UTMB/TDCJ hospital to Galveston area attractions back in 2011 and how the facility fit in to the culture of the city. Daring hospital escapes, and potential contract failures have been in the headlines over the past few years regarding the hospital. In October of 2011, the Texas Legislature reached a deal with the UTMB that would allow UTMB to continue serving the TDCJ.  UTMB provides medical care for about 80 percent of the 156,000 prisoners in the Texas system and also employs 589 employees in correctional and other capacities. So as the celebration grows near, step aside TDCJ and watch as the annual celebration gets ready to kick off.

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