Sunday, January 8, 2012

In 2009 TDCJ had an issue with hiring immigrant workers, is there still a language barrier creating a safety concern?

 By Marcus Williams, Backgate Website

Are Nigerian Officers coming in to the agency after just entering the U.S. creating a language barrier and work ethic that is putting other TDCJ staff members at risk? Stay tuned for our upcoming story. If you have working information please email us..


  1. WE have more than thirty on our unit alone. Someone needs to check their numbers and update story. Some are good, but my biggest problem are the males. They dont like women in authority and try helping or suggesting something, they are very rude.

  2. I have to work with an individual who does not understand half of what is said. It is difficult for us and him. When I was interviewed for the position I have I had to speak to the people who interviewed me. Did these same people not speak to him. Now we are having problems because he just does not understand what to do.