Monday, May 28, 2012

Get out and vote on Tuesday !

Tuesday May 29th is voting day in Texas. Get out there and vote out those who don't respect state employees. If you don't vote, you can't complain.

Find your polling place by clicking HERE!


  1. All of East Texas voted. In most correctional districts, TDCJ employee friendly candidates won by a landslide. Two of TDCJ employees biggest enemies were knocked out of their position as State Representatives; in District 9, Wayne Christian lost to employee union backed Christopher Paddie and Leo Berman went down in District 6. Paddie will be a strong ally and friend for TDCJ employees. Leo Berman has always been an #$$4)!3 to TDCJ employees.

    TDCJ Employee Backed District wins were:

    Lance Gooden: District 4
    Byron Cook: District 8
    Christopher Paddie: District 9
    Jim Pitts: District 10
    Lois Kolkhorst: District 13
    John Otto: District 18
    Alan Ritter: District 22

    Chuck Hopson will be in a run off race in District 11, so get out the vote for the July 31, 2012, Republican Primary in Cherokee, Nacogdoches, and Rusk Counties. Chuck Hopson has always been a good friend to TDCJ employees, so let's not lose him.

    The only big loss was Mike Tuffy Hamilton who was facing another State Representative who spent over a million dollars and had Perry campaigning in the district for him. As one consultant put it, District 19 lost last night... No candidate won, both Tuffy Hamilton and James White have wrecked political careers due to all the negative campaigning. White will be of no influence this next session, after attacking the Speaker of the House.

    I never understood why a state employee would back a Tea Party candidate who wants to privatize prisons, privatize retirement funds to a 401(k), and cut our health insurance, forcing health savings accounts on employees.

    TDCJ employees show they are a force to be dealt with on a statewide level. Too bad the teachers are a bunch of liberals, we could have taken races beyond East Texas now that Correction, Police, and Fire Fighters are involved in the Republican Primary business.