Thursday, May 10, 2012

Houston news, attorneys picking up on TDCJ social media fiasco.

By: Michael Williams, Backgate Website

After helping to bring the issue to light, the Backgate has fielded calls and emails from taxpayers, news media, and attorneys wanting more information about TDCJ violating the privacy rights of employees by sometimes forcibly browsing their social media accounts. Together with Lance Lowry from the AFSCME employees union, the Backgate has been in close contact with legislative offices and others regarding the violations.

 The Houston press just wrapped up a story on the issues this morning. Below is a snippet of the story with a link for the full story;

"Some employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice are accusing wardens of disciplining, and in some cases firing, them for having Facebook friends with criminal records.
Duane Stuart, who runs a private TDCJ employee forum,, tells Hair Balls that wardens regularly inspect employees' profiles, asking employees for their passwords if their profiles are set to private."

See the full Houston Press story.. 

Stay tuned for more in coming weeks. We will update this story as it becomes necessary.  If you have been affected by, or charged with a violation due to a social media privacy violation by TDCJ, we need to hear from you. Email us at:

Use the below links to contact a Criminal Justice Committee member to express your concerns;

Rep. Larry Philips - Criminal Justice Committee
Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon - Criminal Justice Committee
Sen. John Whitmire - Criminal Justice Committee/ Chairman
Sen. Joan Huffman - Criminal Justice Committee/Vice Chair

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  1. I to was recommended for dismissal for unknowingly having a person on fb from my home town that attended the same high school that's incarcerated. I have given the agency twenty years of dedicated service to be tossed out on a unwritten policy. The tax payers should know that Tdcj is willing to throw away assets and valuable experience in dealing with convicted felons that is necessary to the rehabilitation of offenders and public safety.