Monday, May 21, 2012

Riot kills one Correctional Officer, injures many more at CCA facility run by a warden with a Texas connection

(CCA Photo of Adams CCF)

By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

A riot that broke out in the Corrections Corp. of America (CCA) run Adams Correctional Facility in Natchez Mississippi has left one Correctional Officer dead, and as many as 7 injured and transported to a local hospital. The riot broke out among a large group of prisoners at 2:40 PM CST at the Federal Bureau of prisons leased facility 90 miles Southwest of Jackson and was still not back in CCA control as of 9:00 pm CST.

Bureau of Prisons Officers and the Mississippi State Police were assisting in the incident and stated that the prisoners were secure inside the fences and none had escaped. Smoke from fires inside the prison could still be seen pouring out just after sunset. The facility, owned by CCA since 2009 holds a maximum of 2,567 male prisoners that are classified as illegal immigrants of all nationalities that have illegally re-entered the U.S. after being previously deported.

Warden Vance Laughlin
Warden Vance Laughlin was named warden at CCA's Adams County Correctional Center in 2008, transferring from CCA's Stewart Detention Center where he also served as warden since July 2006. He served as assistant warden at CCA's Central Arizona Detention Center.

 Laughlin joined CCA in May 2004, bringing more than 15 years of correctional experience with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Officers working at CCA facilities will tell you that not unlike the Texas prison system, they too are always short handed and underpaid. A CCA Correctional Officer brings home less pay then a TDCJ Officer, and deals with much of the same daily grind.

No word was given as to the status of the other injured Officers that were transported to local hospitals. It was stated however that all are expected to recover from their injuries. We would like to send condolences out the the family and friends of the Officer that lost his life and thank him for his service.


  1. Brings back memories of Oakdale in '87.

  2. The public has no idea how bad TDCJ Conditions are for Officers and the corruption from the Warden down to Sgts.. A prison break would be so easy. Supervisors who are caught and exposed, (which is only the ones not in the clicks) is allowed to leave with NO CHARGES filed. In TDCJ we just had a dirty Sgt, caught selling inmates contraband, and he was walked off and filed for the Sheriff's Election a month later and is working again as a Police offcier now. If you try to tell Senator Whitmire, he will expose you so he gets credit and you get fired. Whitmire and Governor Perry DO NOT want the public to know how bad it is.

  3. If u dont like it quit.All they need is a body for that position your just a number.