Thursday, November 29, 2012

Author/Psychologist wants your take on TDCJ issues

The Backgate was contacted by a Texas based author and psychologist currently writing a book dealing with Offenders in Administrative Segregation, or on Death Row and wants to hear from employees who work, or have worked in these particular areas. The intent is to gain your thoughts and opinions as to the mental status of some of these offenders and how effectively some of them would be re-integrated into society if the time comes. Some of the survey questions deal with thoughts on under staffing, your opinion on being safe in the workplace, and the reporting of corruption within the agency. They have created a Q & A for employees who fit the criteria to take. You will remain anonymous and no identifying information will be used. If you are interested email us at and we will forward you to them.


  1. This is the letter from the author(s). If you want to participate, copy the survey with your answers and email them to us at We will forward the answers directly to them to process. Thanks!... Backgate

    I am a faculty member writing a book about the impact of isolation, particularly ad seg/solitary/death row isolation. I could really use your help so that the perspective of correctional officers are included in the book and not just the views of the incarcerated individuals, families and experts. This survey is completely anonymous; please do not use your name or any identifying information. If you would like to be interviewed by phone in addition to this survey, we can use call blocking and arrange an anonymous call. The results of this study may also be used to publish an article in the future.

    The questions are strictly for PO's working in ad seg/isolation and death row

    1) From your experience, do you feel adequately trained to work with the inmate population?

    2) Does your training include any skills of empathy or seeking the inmates in a humanitarian manner?

    3) Do you feel like you have an adequate number of staff on your shift to maximize your safety? What measures could be in place to increase your safety?

    4) Do you feel that there are inmates who are put in isolation who do not need to be there (are not a physical risk to staff or inmates)

    5) Do you see mental health decline in these individuals?

    6) Do you have empathy for any of the inmates on death row?

    7). What impact does it have on you when inmates are executed.

    8) Have you been a witness to the use of excessive force used on any of these inmates? Examples?

    9) Have you been physically harmed by these inmates? If so, how?

    10) Do you fear for your safety in a regular basis ?

    11) What is the hardest part about your job?

    12) Have you seen any wardens use confinement as a source of retaliation on an inmate?

    13) If you saw use of excessive force on an individual would you feel conformable reporting?

    14) If not, what would some ramifications be? What have you seen?

    15) Do you feel like most guards/staff view the inmates in a humane manner? (Rather than animals etc)

    16) How long have you worked there? Are you death row and or ad se?, What is your gender and level of education?

    17) For the most part, do you like your job?

  2. Be careful boys and girls, be VERY careful.

  3. From the deak of BoBoTheBeaten:

    This could go real bad. Smells like a story that could turn on you. Be careful!

  4. In TDCJ, do they tap peoples' phone call because they are offenders or because they have the power to do so?

  5. Anon 4:11, the government is ALWAYS watching, and listening to you. They have the power. Now quit calling those phone sex numbers so much. You're getting boring.

  6. Next will be to stop TDCJ employees from eating food of their choice, wearing clothes of their choice, laughing when they want to and marrying the one they chose......

    What happened to probable cause?

  7. The survey is not a valid instrument. It is not scientific. Ignore it. It's a fake.

  8. One TDCJ employee said she was threatened by an assistant warden to shut her mouth up and make no more complaints, that she will be fired and will be made useless, so that she will not be able to find job elsewhere in Texas if she refuses to stop complaining about the harassment she was facing. This is the plight of TDCJ employees. What can she do?

  9. If you don't treat the inmates well you run the risk of being murdered. i used to be an inmate and when I got out I ran into a CO at a gas station by accident. The dude was so scared he was all like, "How you doing, man?" And "nice to see you" and all that. I cussed him out so bad his wife started crying. You people need to remember that most of us WILL get out sooner or later. So you had better treat us right - not special or 'coddled' (to use an expression made above), but treat us like humans. Your job is NOT to punish us! The judge / jury did that by sentencing us to jail. You mistreat us and you run the risk of running into us or our family.

    1. From the desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

      Go F yourself dude! If I was that CO I would have had you check my tires and clean my windshield.