Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brutal Texas prison gang being taken down from the inside out

Terry Glenn Sillers (TDCJ picture)
By Michael Williams, Backgate Website

Terry Glenn Sillers,49, (AKA "Lil' Wood") is a general of one of the most brutal Texas Prison gangs in Texas, but has agreed to cooperate with federal authorities and testify against many of those who carried out orders under his watch. The violent leader of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas was found guilty of several federal charges including racketeering. His sentencing has been placed on hold pending the outcome and extent of his cooperation in the prosecution of up to 30 ABT members. Sillers, who is from Fort Worth, has spent a lot of his adult life inside of Texas prisons carrying out violence and running the day to day operations of the gang, even from the inside. He got out of prison and was arrested by Fort Worth Police after a long freeway chase as he taunted Police from his souped up Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The ABT's still have a tough hold on the Texas prison system some experts say, and their presence on the street is still well known. Operating methamphetamine manufacturing operations around the state, the gang funds it's operations selling those drugs and committing robberies. Well known for violence and retribution, they are feared both on the street and behind the walls. Originating from the Aryan Brotherhood gang in 1967's California prison system, the offshoot group made it to Texas as some of those members migrated back to Texas.

Another past ABT general thought to have been cooperating with authorities was found dead back in 2011. Houston Police are still baffled by the murder. Frank E. Roch Jr., leader of the biggest faction of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang, was found dying slumped in a crashed pickup truck, reported the Houston Chronicle. The heavily tattooed 54-year-old Baytown native was carrying so many different IDs that it took police hours to figure out who he really was. Roch is thought to have controlled around 1,500 members of the ABT in and outside of prison, officials said. He was last in prison in 2009, but had a criminal history spanning decades. ABT members are well known for covering themselves in tattoos and Roch was no exception.

He had the world 'loyalty' inked across his chest, according to a custody photo. He also had the gang's shield: a large tattoo featuring a swastika, the gang's initials and a star to denote his rank as general and chairman.

See Sillers indictment below...

Check out this Gangland TV documentary about the ABT. Featuring past TDCJ gang investigator Maryanne Denner.


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