Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is prison love on the rise ?

By Tonya Peters, Backgate Website

In the next few weeks we will be examining how TDCJ employees have managed to get their honey where they get their money. And it's not fellow employees they are getting. The numbers statewide seem to be growing, and it's still an issue that co-workers tend not to report when witnessed. Is prison culture keeping staff mum ? Coming soon.


  1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten

    Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

  2. Why does TDCJ not prosucute.

    1. From the Desk of BoBoTheBeaten:

      They would rather just allow someone to resign or retire to expidite the problem. Sometimes they are just too stupid to make a case, but most of the time they want to move to problem off quietly. The agency wouldn't look good if there was always a headline about an employee going to trial for boinkin' the inmates. The public would be shocked if they knew many of the things that goes on in the probation/priso/parole systems. If they knew all the things we knew they would probably hold leadership responsible. Now they (leadership) wouldn't want that.

  3. Maybe if they start prosecuting them instead of transferring them to another unit? Region?