Thursday, November 29, 2012

College Station News Station covers TDCJ understaffing woes as they creep closer to Huntsville

 As TDCJ employees and our little grassroots website here keep the dangerous TDCJ under staffing issues in the public eye, many other news organizations and have also picked up on the developing story. Bryan/College Station TV news station KBTX covered the issue this week. See that story below and add your comments !

KBTX Story aired 11/28/12;

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice admits there's a statewide shortage of correctional officers. That fact is causing some local correctional officers to fear for their lives. To the public eye, the last time you see a convicted felon is usually in court. But after the sentencing, the eyes in charge of monitoring the criminals in prison are becoming tainted with fear. "You don't know if you are going to come out in one piece or the same way you went in everyday when that door closes,” said a Huntsville prison corrections officer who didn't want to be identified in fear of retaliation. Every day he is exposed to what he calls a different 'world.' "You have to deal with 186 offenders in a cell block…There's only one of you, and maybe one watching if you are lucky,” said the officer.

See the entire story and TV video HERE !


  1. TDCJ & other satate employees need to start taking voting very serious by first of all finding out which politicians have your best interest @ heart instead of just voting for someone because they are affiliated w/ a particular party and second of all we need to vote period,so do our friends/relatives.It's obvious that these republicans in the governors house,state senate & house don't care anything about TDCJ CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS or our problems with pay/working conditions.Some of you need to open your eyes to reality and stop re-electing the same old do nothing politicians!!

    1. I agree! Although I am classified as a Republican, Rick Perry and his tea party clan has let it be known that they are NOT Correctional Officer friendly. Until we as Correctional Officers start reading and learning about our Politicians and stop blindly voting for a party, then we will continue to be downgraded and looked upon as fools. For the love of God, know who you are voting for.

    2. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm a New York resident applying in Feb '13 for a correctional officer position in Texas. As for party lines, I agree completely, but I'm leaving crappy NY since Cuomo (D) is cutting the retirement before I'm even completely hired. And he's looking to close at least 2 prisons up here. NYDOCCS has been on a hiring freeze for pretty much the last three years. It doesn't matter what party at all, they all seem to want to make cuts in some vital departments while continuing to stuff their own wallets.