Monday, April 11, 2011

Is the TDCJ termination mediation process broken

New open records information received by the Backgate from TDCJ states that 461 agency employees were recommended for termination FY2010. Of those, 139 were allowed to return to work after being mediated back at the individual Regional level. Is the system that was designed to assist employees avoid false claims, excessive charges and other situations broken ?

Some of the charges levied against these employees now range from simple multiple repeat infractions such as being late to having relations with offenders. A broad range of issues that are sometimes criminal. In most cases where employees are mediated back they are sent to other state prisons to start again. Some employees have actually been terminated more than once. Is the agency sending the right message about corruption and maintaining it's rules of conduct?

Region III once again holds the lead for employees recommended for dismissal and of those mediated back to employment, but other Regions have also gained. Over the next few weeks the Backgate is going to get outside comment on these issues and talk about ways the current system can be tweaked. Stick around and see how it all plays out.Check out the below listed numbers on agency mediations FY2010.

Dismissal   Recommendations     Changed in mediation

Region I          97                24
Region II         52                17
Region III        119               52
Region IV         56                15
Region V          76                20
Region VI         32                8
Parole            6                 0
Other             23                3 

Information provided by the TDCJ human resources headquarters through open records act.


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