Monday, April 4, 2011

Texas inmate first to try new death concoction

 By Max Rodriguez, Backgate Website

 Cleve Foster, 47, is scheduled to die Tuesday evening for the slaying of a Sudanese woman abducted and shot after she met Foster and another man at a Fort Worth bar nine years ago. Foster will be the first Texas offender to be put to death using a new drug. Texas, along with some other states have had to substitute pentobarbital in the place of sodium thiopentalin the deadly three drug death mixture due to the virtual elimination of pentobarbital by its makers.

Foster's attorneys filed an appeal Monday and also asked Governor Rick Perry for a one time 30-day reprieve so thst the legality of the new drug could be debated. The debate being,  pentobarbital is the drug commonly used in veterinary euthanasia when animals are put down. The Danish maker of the drug has expressed displeasure with the current usage of the drug, but has not slowed production.


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