Monday, April 11, 2011

PBS discusses prisons versus education funding

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Backgate Says:   

So is it an issue of bad laws, personal responsibility, or how parents are raising their kids today ??? Place your comments and suggestions below in the comments section. What are some alternatives to incarceration in Texas ?

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  1. No child is ever born evil or bad. The blame has to lie with parents as well as environment. If you raise your child in a hostel environment where there is mental and physical abuse, they will grow up to think this is okay. Throw in an absent parent, lack of parental caring or love and you have just created your very own problem that will become society's problem. It takes a strong person to live through that and come out a decent person. Most kids will take the easy way out...drugs, gangs, teenage pregnancy(this is not easy). The stronger ones who want to change and become something will find education as the only way out. This is the true path to enlightenment and the smart choice.